Saturday, December 30, 2017

Future of Mvp4g

At GWTCon 2017 in Florence Colin Alworth announced that Google has given access to J2CL for a small group of people outside Google and the work on GWT 3 has been started.

J2CL and GWT 3 will bring major changes to the GWT development.

As far as we know today, we will miss a lot of things we have in GWT 2.x:
  • JSNI will be replaced by JsInterop
  • Generators will be replaced by APT
  • the widget system will be gone
  • modules like editor, rcp, place management, events, etc. have to be updated 
(The people from vertispan are working on it. If you like to support them, get in contact with Colin!)

Looking at mvp4g 1.x we can say, that it will not work with J2Cl without a major reengineering. mvp4g 1.x is based on a generator and has dependencies to several third party libs. Generators will be gone in J2CL / GWT 3 and some of the third party libs will not work (f.e.: GIN).

A few month ago, the work on mvp4g version 2 started. The goal is to implement a new version of mvp4g, which will work with J2CL and GWT 3. In December 2017 I made the beta of the new version public.

You will find mvp4g2 here: mvp4g2

A lot of the mvp4g features are already implemented, some feature have changed, some features will be dropped and new features have been added.
For example a loader at application start feature is added and a new way to add a presenter/handler to the event bus. 

A list of currently implemented, changed or dropped features can be found here:  Comparsion: Mvp4g vs. Mvp4g2. We will work on mvp4g2 so that it will be final once GWT 3 is available.

There are a few examples already implemented, that use mvp4g2 and different view implementations. The examples can be found here: mvp4g2 examples 

The example called 'Mvp4g2SimpleApplicationUsingElementoAndEventHandlerAnnotation' uses the new way of event handling registrations and Elemento to create the views.

During the next months I will follow up with more posts describing the changes of mvp4g2 more detailed.

Feedbacks are welcome.  

(Please, keep in mind, that mvp4g2 is still beta. The validation and error messages needs to be improved and the documentation is not up to date.)

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